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im going to show you the young players you should sign to make your team better
Young Players you should suggest
1- Agu Baigoria -the 23-year-old is something special in this season he has played 6 games and has a total of 61 goals and 1 assist the striker is also a member of the Scottish National Team
2-Jamin Oriakhi - he may have just started his career but he is showing major promise for his club. he helped his team to be in first place in the league also the second-best assistman
3-Joel Oriakhi the 19-year old is the top goalscorer with 14 goals in 4 matches also a member of the Nigerian National Team the Nigerian also came from his team in chile scoring 11 goals in 4 games this kid is a natural scorer he also benched the starting striker in his new team InterClub
4-Dato Mskhiladze the Midfielder is showing real promise aged 21 and a member of the United Staes National Team also having 11 goals in 6 games.
Make sure you watch the youngsters on live and watch there highlight reels these players have some talent so make sure you bring them to your club

I will try to update every 2 weeks so make sure you staytuned and message me the players that should be on the list

3.0 6 Total Ratings
Ernest Halili
you should consider the overall performances more than scoring goal and providing assists 28d
Luis Martinez
Where is Nelson Tovar? 28d

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