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After the great success... comes more.
GOM Completes!
After great success, GOM cooperation decided to complete. "We maybe can add a second and a third place," commented Omar Dia in a media interview, "but the problem is that we have a low number of participants. If some more players, at least more than 10, participated in the competition, then we can add a second and a third place. Otherwise, we will just stick to one winner. The previous GOM didn't have more than 6 competitors, that why, and if no more players participated, we will sadly have to end the contest permanently."
"No one wants to end GOM! It's a great contest!" One of the audience replied.
"GOM is a great opportunity to become famous, please complete and don't stop!" Another one replied.
As there are more than 40,000 fans for GOM, there would be no chance to complete with just several players. Come on and Join!

One month ago
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who ever made this is a genius One month ago
Omar Dia
Everyone who plays Footballmax and score such goals is a genius... One month ago
Hafoletu Shemuketa
Please, I don't want this to end One month ago

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