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In Footballmax, most players are familiar with the controls, but some of the neww players will struggle like I did. However, after some experimenting, I found out how to full use the controls of Footballmax, and it helped to gain more points in career mode and win more in arcade mode as well.
There is more to the regular controls you use, like high pass and low pass, did you know you can do a through ball with these controls? It is very simple. You simply just double tap.

Use for passes and low crosses, make sure you aim this by facing where you wish to pass, otherwise your player will pass to somewhere random (once my player passed all the way from the halfway line to the keeper), double tap this to make a through ball. This is very useful as it can help the forwards run on to the ball and have more space and time to score!

Use for lofted crosses and long lofted passes. Double tap your high pass key to use a lofted through ball or a through cross. Recommended for corners unless you want to try score them!

Double tap shoot to chip the ball, useful for when the keeper run at you for the ball. I sometimes use this for corners of free kicks, but it is not as effective for this. You can use your shoot button to pass as well!

These are the controls that I have learnt, there still might be some tricks that I haven't come across yet, but you can use this to help discover some on your own! I've put a link of my youtube video of my controls that you could use yourself:

If you want I could make a video of a demonstration of these controls, I haven't made one yet because ! didnt have the time.

Thanks for Reading!

One month ago
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Aman Alom Y07
I already know dis stuff. but dis is good info for the new peeps One month ago
Botond Döme
yh, i was asked these controls by someone today, so i decided to make an article on this to help others like them. One month ago
Aman Alom Y07
dats nice One month ago
Omar Dia
Well done Kang, and remember that everything is available in FAQ page on footballmax One month ago
Syamil Syamil
wew thanks for the info One month ago
Botond Döme
np One month ago

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