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Tomorrow is the day!
GOM Month 2 Done!
"Month 2 of GOM was another great success, many players participated and the competition is completed. The foundation is no longer accepting participants for this month, and the winners will be announced next week (*tomorrow*). Thanks for everyone." Those were the exact words that GOM had announced on its official site. The winner will be in the Newspaper and on the official youtube channel. The competition is no longer accepting participants and any goals sent this week will be ignored or postponed till next week.

One month ago
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Aman Alom Y07
so, does the 3rd GOM competition start tomorrow/nxt week. One month ago
Raphael Peters
great! One month ago
Matthias Forsberg
So exciting ;) One month ago
Omar Dia
GOM 3 starts after the announcement of the winners. One month ago
Aman Alom Y07
the winner for the 2nd GOM? One month ago
Matthias Forsberg
It's on the footballmax shorts channel One month ago

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