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New! GOM Genre!

GOM foundation had posted a new post on its official website:

(New! GOM Genre!
GOM Genre is a new event that occurs every 3 months. It requires each participant to send his goal with specific requirements. For example, if the Genre was “Long shot”, then you should send a Long shot goal. This event will be announced before it starts each month in the Newspaper. Any goals sent with missing requirements will be ignored. This will allow players to participate with their unique goals in a special Month and make Goal placement fairer. After the event ends, normal months come after until re-announced.)

Next month (Month 3) will be under the Genre: Long Shots
- Your goal should be scored one yard away from the penalty box.
Good luck!

One month ago
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Aman Alom Y07
yes sir! One month ago
Aman Alom Y07
wdym next month One month ago
Aman Alom Y07
like in the next 4 days One month ago
Hafoletu Shemuketa
I already posted a long shot to Omar 0.0 One month ago
Raphael Peters
same, gl One month ago
Aman Alom Y07
im confused, when does it start? One month ago
Raphael Peters
tmrw bro... One month ago
Aman Alom Y07
kk thx geezer One month ago

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