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Leaving Rovers: The Press Conference
Press: How do you feel about leaving your hometown club, Rovers?
Sean: I feel sad about leaving my hometown club that I have spent many years with. I met many people and my brother, Zane ######, played with me for a season and a bit.

Press: How did you react when Spurs gave you a contract and why?
Sean: Well, they were my favorite team from childhood, but I rejected an offer from them last season because I wanted to play with my brother. I accepted the contract this season because there are many user players on the team so I want to get to know them. Shout-out to Omar [Dia] and Carlos [Renteria] for suggesting me to the club!

Press: Do you think you and your new teammates can get promoted to the First Division this year?
Sean: Of course, it's likely, and the team have great players, so I think we will get promoted this year, if we collaborate in the right way. We will fight for the top 3 and for sure we will get better ratings!

One month ago
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Aman Alom Y08
is Zane really your bruda One month ago
Aman Alom Y08
clever using newspaper as a press conference One month ago
yes actually he is, and since he doesn't really play the game anymore, I was using his account to play matches One month ago
and thanks One month ago
I also meant to put that I scored a hat-trick on my last day with the club One month ago
Aman Alom Y08
kool One month ago

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