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RIK just signed a contract to spurs and he is interviewed live
Reporter: Hi RIK welcome.

RIK: Hi.

Reporter: we have been hearing news about your deal with spurs so how did that come about?

RIK: Erm... Pilgrims have been slacking off and I was literally carrying the team so when I heard of spurs rebuild I was happy I contacted Sean and he was happy to call his manager and in less than a week they brought the paperwork.

Reporter: What happen to pilgrims and are you going to go to spurs?

RIK: The Pilgrims are falling apart because many good players have left the team after reaching second last season I want a team that helps me out not only me doing the hard work and spurs are top class. And about the spurs contract I've signed it, its a 2 year contract for 850k so yeah tomorrow am officially a spurs player.

Reporter: One last question is about you, Omar and Sean do you think you guys are going to be a trio upfront and able to destroy the second league and who do you think is the best out of you three

RIK: Me, Omar Dia and Sean its crazy isn't it am not really sure if we are going to be a trio but one thing is guaranteed we are going to play with all our best and we are going to win the league and pretty sure.
The best player out of us three hmm is a question that the fans have to answer so what do you think?

Reporter: Sure it is a tight question and you guys are pretty close in age as u said let the fans answer

RIK: Thanks a lot

Reporter: No, thank you, you answered all our questions

Reporter: So that was RIK you all thanks for watching

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