12/01/2019 Google Stars

Added Google Stars team and Social Cup (starts next season). Code refactoring - please report any bug or regression in "Report a bug" section.

07/09/2018 Kit choice bugfix

Fixed a day-one bug in kit choice algorithm, that sometimes led to unlucky combinations, with teams wearing very similar kits.

30/08/2018 TypeScript migration

The in-game part has been migrated to TypeScript, fixing some potential minor issues.

28/06/2018 New credits system

Credits are given directly on the basis of the player's rating, and the higher the skills get, the quicker they will degrade. See the score rules page for more information.

09/06/2018 Google Login

Yes, it is. Finally you can also login with a Google account!

13/05/2018 Live Chat

Added a simple chat in live mode. You can enable or disable it in settings. Added also an option to follow the remote computer speed, in order to minimize breaks and interruptions in live mode

09/05/2018 Live matches

Now you can watch live matches of other users. Still working on it, audio and other minor improvements coming soon!

28/04/2018 Shoes shop

Shoes shop with different brands and characteristics. New shoes are added constantly, so keep visiting the shop!

15/03/2018 Report a bug

Added a bug reporting page

10/03/2018 Custom direction keys

You can customize direction keys in settings page. Pause has been moved from 'P' key to Pause/Break key.

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