07/11/2020 World Cup Qualifications

Added World Cup Qualifications for every Confederation. Please report any bug in "Report a bug" section.

28/09/2020 New Leagues

Added Finnish, Hungarian, Malaysian and Norwegian leagues. Please help us filling the kits!

23/07/2020 Tacklings improved

Tacklings have been improved. Use shoot button to tackle, passing button is no longer working.

21/07/2020 Score in live mode

Real time score is now visible in live mode.

16/06/2020 Profile section added

Added a profile section where users can add some information about them and share their point of view on the game.

01/06/2020 Private messages

Users can now send private messages. Start a conversation using 'Message' button from a user page.

24/03/2020 Design new shoe

Level 5 users can now design new shoes. Only one design per season is allowed. Star-rating has also been added.

29/02/2020 Advantage rule - Offside line - Suggested position

When a player receives a foul, referee will now try to apply the advantage rule. Press L during replays to activate the offside line. Use left and right keys to change replay speed. When your player is out of position in career mode, a blinking arrow suggests you the correct position on the pitch.

22/02/2020 Test Environment

Granted access to test environment ( for experienced users (level 6). These users can now help testing new features before the official release, minimizing the risk of introducing bugs and regressions.

01/02/2020 New perspective view - Upgraded CPU artificial intelligence

Released a new perspective view (both horizontal and vertical), you can activate it in settings page. Released also an upgraded version of CPU artificial intelligence.

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