Footballmax is a free online football game. Footballmax was born in 2010 as a Facebook Application, so you need a Facebook account to play. If you do not have a Facebook account you can play single matches directly from the homepage.
The game, initially written in Adobe Flash, has been completely converted to HTML5 in 2015.
Footballmax has been created by a small group of persons, and is different from many other games you can find on the web, followed by companies with hundred of developers. Try to be patient if you experience problems with the game, and please support this project if you like it!
Footballmax let users translate the game in their own language. This functionality can be activate in settings page.
The names are not real for a rights issue. Certainly we would like to make a football game with real names, but it would have been a tad more expensive!

By convention, the names are the nicknames of the real teams provided by Wikipedia.
Arcade mode is very simple. You choose your team and computer team. You control all the players of your team except the keeper. You can play an unlimited number of matches in arcade mode.
Career mode is a little more complicated. Controlling just your player, you can play just one match every day (or two matches if there's a cup match), check it in the Fixtures Page. The question is... are you in the first team? If the coach didn't choose you to play the daily match, you cannot play!
Coach always gives you some opportunities to play. Don't miss it your you'll be on the bench for the rest of your career!!
You player is highlighted with a small blue arrow over his head. Move it with arrowkeys left, right, up and down. You have three additional keys to run, pass and shoot:
Running key: keep it pressed to run. Default run key is 1.
Passing key: press it to pass when your player holds the ball. You will see a red bar growing in the bottom of the screen. The longer is the bar, the longer will be the pass. If you press it when you are away from the ball, your player will raise his arm and call for it! If you are playing as a goalkeeper, use it do dive and catch the ball. Default passing are 2 and 4 (high pass).
Shooting key: press it to shoot when you team is attacking and use it to sweep the ball when your team is defending. As for the passing key, you will see a blue bar. The longer is the bar, the strongest will be the shoot. Don't exagerate or you will miss the goal! Default shooting key is 3.
You can change keys anytime in the Settings page.
You must play your career match before the week ends: you will find the remaining time on the top right corner of the homepage. If you don't finish your match in time, you miss it.
If you really can't play your daily match, don't worry. Your coach will substitute you with another player just a moment before the match.
During the match you will notice that match result is not showed. That's because it really doesn't matter in career mode. Let's think about the following scenario: two users play in the same team and get different match results. Which is the final score of the match? Depending on how you play you get a mark: that's what really counts. The final score is the sum of each player's mark. If the difference of the two sums in greater than 3, then it's a victory for the first team. If the difference is less than 3, then it's a draw.
Each player gets a mark at the end of the career match, depending on how he played. If you play well you get extra credits to improve your player's skills. To check if you have credits, visit your player page. You will see a green plus next to every bar of your player's skills. Click on the plus to improve the corrispondent skill. Click on save button when you have done. If you miss your daily match or you play bad, your player looses skills. Check out how your player's value changes as you play your career matches.
You can suggest a player to your team as long as he's your friend on Facebook and you have a level 4 account. Click on the 'Suggest' button located in the player page next to his name. His technical level must be compatible with the team and shouldn't be already too many players in that position.
Credits are awarded based on many factors: your last performance, your current technical level, the technical level of opponents you played against, and so on... If you are not earning credits you should probably move to a better team to improve your level. If you're already in a top team and are unable to earn credits it means that you are a famous champion: in that case you can only maintain your level, being careful not to lose it with poor performances!
To win the Ballon d'Or, or at least to be in the candidates, you have to play well for the entire season. You must be consistent in performance and at least win some trophies. The most prestigious trophies, like the World Cup, European Cups and cups of South America will help you to move up in the list of candidates.
Footballmax is a free game and has been programmed with a non-profit purpose. However, the rent of the server and the database involve costs. The incomings of the adverts are used just to cover these expenses.
The contract length is proposed by the team every time you receive an offer. A long-term contract will secure a place in the team for a long time but the number of offers received will be limited, because the contract is more expensive to terminate. With a short-term contract instead you will receive more offers, but you might be forced to leave the club in the event of non-renewal. The renewal of a contract is not automatic and must be proposed by team. If the contract expires you won't be able to play until you sign a new contract.